Monday, 17 March 2008

On writing porn

Well, I do write a lot of the stuff... So, I thought I'd share some thoughts I have on the writing process.

When I first started writing porn (15 years ago!) I was 22 and very focussed on a few particular sexual fantasies I had been developing in my "dirty disgusting" mind for many years. There were basically a couple of novels I knocked off in pretty short order - 150,000 words in three weeks for one of them. By the way, I would never inflict these very early works on you - they were pretentious pieces of crap really. The point is, I wrote stuff that excited me - and yes, I often typed one handed!

In the last few years I have been more disciplined about my erotic writing. Now, my style, as you will know if you have read a few of my stories, is all about setting the scene for hot man on man sex. No escaping it, that's what I write about when I'm writing for the erotic market. I don't see this as a problem, I know that the stuff I write is used as "wank fodder" and that's just fine with me - that in fact is the whole point!

So, what do I mean by being more disciplined? Well, it's now about making sure the story has a point basically! The first stories I wrote really floundered pretty badly in the end because I ran out of steam with no obvious end in sight for the story. A classic example of this is Boating - An Ocean Discovery which you will find on the site. It started with a plot in mind, and it followed that plot for about 17 chapters, then it all went to hell basically. This is why I'm re-releasing Boating on this site. The point is to delete chapters 18-22 (the original ones) from having ever existed and finish the story properly. 

Another early piece by me that's on is International Initiation. This one was written over 11 years ago after I purchased and read cover to cover a book on writing erotica. It was a test of my ability to write a short work with all the expected elements and a finish! It's actually one of the very few short erotic stories I have ever written - the other ones of course being Mikey's New Toy and Parental Advisory.

So, where do my ideas come from? Well, I still draw upon some of my teenage jerk-off fantasies for some of my stuff, in other cases I look at some of the photo sets I take for web publication and build story lines from them. This is exactly what I'm doing right now for example with one of my new stories (not yet published on the site) which has a working title of The Club. I took some photos a couple of years back of a particularly attractive model and I have based a lot of the story line around his pseudonym's character - not the real guy mind you, but his alias.
Anyway - to whet your appetite... Here's a couple of pics of Brett :-)

Big day for Hot Guyz Stories!

Yep - we're back! it's been a very relaxing month off for us and we have lots of inspiration for new stories and new chapters! I'm well underway with the concept and initial chapters for a new sex packed series and the first episodes of that will be appearing soon.

So, three new episodes today, another hot Boating episode, a new chapter of Alone and part 10 of Taniwha.

The other news is I have made a redesign of the site - it's subtle, but from the home page it's now much easier to jump to whatever episode you want of a story.

Let me know what you think!

I'm looking at building some e-books of the completed stories too - would that be of interest?