Sunday, 21 December 2008

Huge update!

Hi guys - and thanks for being so patient. I have been so busy with work that things on the site slipped a bit. But I have been busy for you. A massive update today! And I am looking forward to doing lots of writing over the holiday period too.

So - today we have new stories in ALL of the ongoing series! I also want to say whoops! I screwed up with my last posting to the story Alone. There was an entire chapter missing! I have put everything right now. Part 6 is new today, the previously posted part is now correctly renamed as part 7 and to make up for it, I also posted part 8 today.

So - there's also an ALL NEW chapter posted to Boating. This one is still a struggle for me to write - as it's such a massive storyline. However - I now have the ending in site and it will be a happy one - don't worry :-)

This weekend I also posted two new photo galleries. Enjoy!

Hey - if I don't get some more comments - I think I'll just stop guys...