Thursday, 20 November 2008


OK - so those of you who have been waiting so long for the Boating story to reach its conclusion - good news. I have actually been working on it again at last. I pretty much know how it's going to end, and there will be three or four more episodes. I just recently added part 17 to the site - those of you who had read it before on Nifty, yes, it's pretty much identical. However, part 18 is all new and fixes the meandering lost effort I did way back when I first wrote that part. Part 18 should be going onto the site this coming weekend.

Part 19 will be similar to the Nifty version, but with a bit more meat to it. And then there's the last two or three episodes of the story. I'd like to set myself a deadline of the end of this year to have the whole thing finished (at last!!!! This story started in 1992!!!).


Friday, 7 November 2008

Update time again

Hi guys - another couple of chapters tonight. One for Alone - the story about a group of guys mysteriously left alone on the planet - and making the best of a bad situation. And also a new chapter for our newest story - The Club. This is the story of a couple of young guys who decide to build their own hogh class sex club in the heart of the big city and all the fun and trouble they have along the way.

Guyz! Comments please!!!!!!!!!!